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For optimal health, you need to think about what you eat and how active you are. Studies show that a nutritious diet strengthens your immune system, keeps you feeling your best, provides energy throughout the day, and even helps you manage stress.

At New Al Shefa, Ensuring your Satisfaction is our Commitment. Our personalized diet and nutrition plans empower you to make smart food choices, paving the way for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Diet & Nutrition Clinic in Dubai

Take control of your health and reduce your risk of chronic diseases! At New Al Shefa Clinic’s Diet & Nutrition in Dubai, our expert dietitians can help you develop a personalized plan to prevent conditions like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, and strokes….etc, We understand that managing nutrition can feel overwhelming, but that’s where we come in! Our personalized approach goes beyond simply telling you what to eat; we’ll empower you to make informed choices and build sustainable healthy habits for a thriving lifestyle.

When should you consult with a Nutritionist?

Manage Chronic Disease such as Diabetes, Heard Disease....

Managing Weight if you are Obese or trying to gain weight

Prepare Diet Plan if you have food allergies or intolerance

Manage Digestive issues such as IBD's (Irritable bowel disorder), Crohn's diseases...

Benefits of Diet & Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing our health often takes a backseat. We juggle work, family, and social commitments, leaving little time to plan nutritious meals or understand how food impacts our well-being. This is where Our Diet & Nutrition Clinic steps in, acting as your personal guide to navigate the complex world of food and unlock your health potential.

Here are 5 Benefits of visiting our Diet & Nutrition Department: 


  • Personalized Nutrition Plans: Gone are the days of fad diets and one-size-fits-all approaches. Our Diet & Nutrition Clinic tailors a plan specific to your needs, considering your lifestyle, health goals, and any existing medical conditions. This ensures you receive the right balance of nutrients to feel your best.
  • Disease Prevention and Management: A well-planned diet is a powerful tool for preventing chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Our Dietitians are well-equipped to create plans that manage existing conditions, helping you control symptoms and improve your overall health.
  • Weight Management: Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply maintain a healthy weight, Our Diet & Nutrition Clinic can be your guiding light. Our Dietitian create sustainable weight management plans that focus on healthy habits rather than quick fixes, promoting long-term success.
  • Improved Energy Levels: Feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day? Our dietitian can help you identify dietary gaps and create a plan rich in the nutrients your body needs to function optimally. This can lead to increased energy levels, improved focus, and better overall performance in daily activities.
  • Digestive Health: Digestive issues can significantly impact your quality of life. Our Dietitian can assess your digestive health and design a personalized plan to address specific concerns like irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, or intolerances. This can lead to better digestion, reduced discomfort, and a healthier gut microbiome.

What Diet Plans do we offer?

Weight Management (Gain/Loss)

Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc..,)

Gastrointestinal Disorder

Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Diet

Sports Diet

Food Allergies/Intolerance Management 

Pediatric Management

And so much more!!!

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