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Ophthalmology Clinic in Dubai

New Al Shefa Clinic is the leading Ophthalmic Clinic in Dubai, known for its dedication to using the most recent technological breakthroughs and implementing cutting-edge ways of eye testing. With a heritage spanning over 22 years, Our Eye clinic has been in the forefront of providing cutting-edge eye care solutions to our valued patients. 

We take great satisfaction in our cutting-edge facilities, which are outfitted with the most modern diagnostic and surgical tools available in the area of ophthalmology. We can provide complete eye examinations that ensure accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment regimens by combining our significant knowledge with this contemporary equipment with the Best Ophthalmologist in Dubai.

We aim to stay ahead of the curve at New Al Shefa Clinic, always upgrading our processes to provide the highest level of treatment and achieve the best possible outcomes for our valued patients.

Our Services

Corneal Graft Surgery

Cross Eye Surgery

Strabismus/Eye Squint Surgery

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Why Choose Us?

Experience and knowledge are crucial when it comes to entrusting your eyesight to a healthcare professional. We take pleasure in giving you the services of our Highly Qualified Ophthalmologist in dubai with an exceptional track record at our respected Ophthalmology Clinic dubai. Our Ophthalmologist in Dubai has over 27+ years of important expertise in the area and has successfully done over 5000+ procedures in Dubai, gaining a well-deserved reputation for great surgical skills and patient care. 

Our Ophthalmologist in Dubai has comprehensive experience, acquired over years of practice, guarantees that you receive the best care and most innovative therapies possible. Rest assured that your eyesight is in the hands of a real specialist at our Ophthalmology Clinic, who is dedicated to offering personalized and effective treatments to optimize your eye health.

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